mudd pony

adventure awaits the brave // modern handmade stick horses

Meet the Herd

The Mudd Pony herd started with an old stick pony that my great aunt made for my brother and me over 30 years ago. My daughters instantly fell in love with it and have since been fighting over him nonstop. So we set out on a quest to recreate this beloved toy. We took this model stick pony, known as Christmas, and took it to be something this generation can enjoy.

Take a look below for Herd Members that are for sale or look for inspiration for your custom order at Ponys that have already been purchased.

custom mudd ponys

Have your own idea on a Mudd Pony or a special family heirloom that you want to make into a Mudd Pony? We would love to help! Custom orders take at least 2 weeks to finish. These Ponys begin at $55, this price may vary depending on the fabrics, details and stick used. *Please note, due to the nature of the custom orders, the fabrics shown may no be available for future ponys or may be a one-of-a-kind print that is no longer available.*

Message us today to get your Mudd Pony or Companion.